Practical lessons notes - stage 1

In this ‘Practical lessons notes’ series, I will be sharing my overview and notes for each lesson. Do be warned that the writing might not be cohesive as they were adapted from notes for myself. I won’t be mentioning the car number or instructor’s name, but I am sure you can figure them out if you are a BBDC student too.

For consolidated notes, see the tips post.

To attend each lesson, download the BBDC app, sign in and press ‘Attend’ before each lesson to see which car and carpark area to head to. Wait at the sheltered area right before the zebra crossing to the circuit area and follow everyone else to move off to find the car when the lesson is about to start.

Here’s my training history.

Stage 1

Lesson 1 – 1.01, 1.02

Not from fixed group. Friendly and nice instructor and was a good introduction to driving a car.

However, as a first lesson, I highly recommend taking it during the daytime. I took it at night, and it was raining. Bad combination for anyone who wears glasses. They fogged up every time I got out of the car to learn about each component of the car, and I couldn’t see the car parts super clearly nor the yellow lines in the circuit until I was super close… Ya, so just take it in the day if you can. Anyways, the instructor taught me to look ahead when driving which proved to be one of the best advices that I should keep in mind. Every time I take a look at the rear mirror, side mirrors or blind spot, look ahead again so that I don’t swerve. I also learned to make turns in the outer circuit.

Lesson 2 – 1.03, 1.04

Not from fixed group. Quite a nice instructor.

We did more driving and bends and went out onto the main road. Didn’t write any notes until lesson 3 so this is a short one. I only remember suddenly pressing the brake for no reason… might be because I was not used to putting my legs in such positions for long period of time and my left leg was tired from doing nothing too haha.

Lesson 3 – 1.05, 1.06

Not from fixed group. Friendly instructor that was using an all-purpose car, aka no number on it.

I learnt about gear changing for auto cars as well which was cool. He mentioned that my braking was quite okay. I also learnt to turn using the shuffle method here as on the outside roads I might over turn with the crossing hand method. Also, he mentioned to drive faster when there’s no one around.

Lesson 4 – 1.07, 1.08

From fixed group. Friendly instructor with a different style of teaching.

Previously, the other instructors taught to align the car via guiding lines, like left line in the center and right line at the bottom right of the windscreen. However, this instructor said to just place myself in the center of the road which was great advice as one can focus more on other parts of driving. He mentioned to look at the exits of turns too. Also, he realised that I was swerving due to looking at the side mirror and corrected that.

He also taught to slow down just by removing the foot from the accelerator and cover the break and press when required, using ball of foot. Noted to press break at humps (actually I think I meant before), and if need be starting from third arrow nearing traffic lights.

I also remembered forgetting to buckle up after unbuckling the seat belt to reach for my water at the back of the car during the break. And I tried to press the brake using my left foot. Oops, I was really so unfamiliar with driving a car back then.

Lesson 5 – 1.09, 1.10, 1.11

Not from fixed group. Okie instructor. I finally learnt to check blind spots before every turn, by checking main traffic flow, quick mirror check, quick over shoulder check and then turn.

I also learnt that I had a tendency to follow the car infront and be too to one side and that I was sometimes zigzag-ing when driving. Noted to look further out at the exit when turning, and to slow down even more at a pedestrian crossing. He also mentioned to not press the brake when turning, and to accelerate as the car returned to a straight road. I personally think that this advice to not break while turning is only for when one is at low speed before the turn, which I should try to achieve.

We then moved back to the circuit to learn about sharp turns, which is to full lock the steering wheel when the door handle is at the kerb.

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