Practical lessons notes - stage 4,5

In this ‘Practical lessons notes’ series, I will be sharing my overview and notes for each lesson. Do be warned that the writing might not be cohesive as they were adapted from notes for myself. I won’t be mentioning the car number or instructor’s name, but I am sure you can figure them out if you are a BBDC student too.

For consolidated notes, see the tips post.

Here’s my training history.

Stage 4 and 5

Note that Stage 4 is just 2 lessons covering combined test routes, while Stage 5 is one lesson that was like a mock test.

Lesson 18 – 4.01

From fixed group. Ok instructor.

Did combined test routes but seems like I didn’t cover exactly like the routes in the handbook. Noted that my lane change was still weak, and he said that I should use the rear mirror more instead of the side mirror to lane change. I should also check the rear mirror before braking.

I categorised the test routes as Bukit Gombak (turn left), Teck Whye (turn right) and new route area (go straight). Drove to the new route area and learnt that if there was a right turn immediately, after turning right, the leftmost lane is for turning left only.

Near CCK polyclinic, I also did an immediate failure mistake by stopping in the yellow box at the junction during a discretionary right turn. Note to self to wait for pedestrians to finish crossing and there should be no oncoming traffic before turning right. Do not just follow vehicles in front as the condition might be in their favor to turn but not for myself.

Lesson 19 – 4.02, 4.03, 4.04

From fixed group. Friendly instructor.

With this I also finally met half the instructors from my group (all from one of the shifts?) haha.

Noted to turn into correct lane, and to check the lane just after blind spot check and turn into it, not too early or late. I was also corrected on my speed, to keep within speed limit, to go faster at straight lanes and slower at bends. I should also pick up speed after turning but not be too fast! Turning fast is so that there is less chance of blocking others when they catch up. This part I felt that I could definitely improve on and applied what I learnt in future lessons.

He also said to push body back when E-braking. Also, an important tip to keep left whenever possible. E.g. When going towards BBDC from Teck Whye area, remember to keep left even when going straight.

Lesson 20 – 5.01

From fixed group. Friendly instructor, third time learning from him.

He gave tons of tips in preparation for the test like where you will drive out from during test, how to settle revision slots if required, and test slots that are more preferrable.

My performance this lesson was actually pretty bad (with an immediate failure and 36 dp…) but he gave chance to pass me and told me to take more revision lessons. Did more manoeuvres around the circuit and noted to go slow at the turns, to not return the steering fully for those turn and turn type of instructions. E.g. turn left after slope, turn left at 9 DC which I mounted kerb at, and turn right at slope/ramp, turn right at 4/5.

Another immediate failure mistake I did here was to fail to form up correctly at junction when heading to 47 crank course. I was to turn left at 41 and go to 47 but I couldn’t see where 47 was, until I was way in front and changed lane too late, positioning the car only partially in the right lane.

For VP, if the right wheel cannot go into the lot, just forward and do correction. On the other hand, ramp should use fast acceleration, also when at the ramp course and waiting for the ramp, stop in the marking first and straighten till parallel to the ramp.

Also noted to not follow behind a bus too closely, and that lane change can only be done after the bend/traffic light. This is about the right turn into Teck Whye Ave which is a bend.

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