Closing overview

Alright, now for my closing words. 😊 Will be talking about my spending, reflections and plans.


Drumroll… I spent… $2526.96 on getting the license.

Not the cheapest but I am very glad to complete it within $3k. A bulk of the 27 practical lessons were during peak hours and I did A LOT of revision lessons. I feel that they are worth it in the end as I managed to pass on my first try and learnt a lot even towards the last few lessons. I do think that if you are consistent, don’t fail any module and plan to clear the requirements before booking the test, you can definitely go for fewer lessons before the test and save some money. I think that during this pandemic, most instructors were probably not as strict due to the huge backlog of students, but this is just my opinion.


Towards the end of my 27 lessons, I felt that I was beginning to enjoy driving more. I will certainly miss going for driving lessons and the interactions I had with some of the instructors. Super thankful for their guidance.

I also read tons of forum posts, blogs on others and their experiences with getting their licenses, watched tons of motovlogs, SG Road vigilante videos, driving tips videos and feel that I would like to contribute back as well with my own experience too. I do know that it is super long winded HAHA but that’s the point, to calm your every nerve possible through reading this site.


Last, as a P plater now I can roam the roads beyond the BBDC area! However, with no car in sight, I can only look towards renting or going for more lessons under the Driving Orientation Course (DOC) at BBDC.

Probably will not be renting during the probation period but if any one of you have any recommendations for kind rental places, please let me know!

The DOC on the other hand looks pretty good for me to refresh my skills and drive around at least a little. The registration fees can be waived if I register within 6 months from passing and I plan to do so maybe 3 months later. Haha will certainly update the site with information if I go for lessons again. Exciting~

Finally, a huge thanks for reading and checking my site out. All the best to you! Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested to chat about the/your experience. XD


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